November President’s Message

Hello CBID family,

When I decided to run for CBID President, I set our goals for 2018 to both focus on our electoral work and to expand our reach.  I feel tremendously proud of the work we have all done towards those goals.  During the Spring, we were mobilizing petition efforts for Max Rose and Yvette Clarke.  Over the summer we petitioned, canvassed, called, and texted for Zellnor Myrie, for Andrew Gounardes, for Doug Schneider, and contributed our time and efforts to other anti-IDC races.  Post Primary, we honed our focus to Max Rose, Andrew Gounardes, and Liuba Grechen Shirley.  And the other night, MSNBC called Max Rose as the first red to blue Congressional flip of the evening.  By the end of the night, Democrats gained a strong control of the House and and immensely strong grip of the New York State Senate.

We have a lot to celebrate.  We also didn’t win every race.  And we never will.  But the way that we conduct ourselves and the drive that we put into our work is what is most important.  We will continue to work tirelessly with one another, with other communities, and build off the ideals and values that bring us together.

This month’s meeting will look at that — what do we stand for?  What do we want to fight for in 2019?  2019 will be a shift for us, away from electoral politics and into legislative action.  (PS – I do know we’ll have a tough and short Public Advocate race, everyone loves canvassing in the snow, right?!)  2019 will be a year that we have to pass legislation that we’ve been fighting for and has been held up by Cuomo and the IDC.  Reproductive rights, voting reform, immigration rights, and much, much more.  We’re going to spend our November meeting discussing, prioritizing, and then writing action plans towards our ideals.

We have proven we can mobilize and win elections, we will keep that energy going and prove that we can fight for and pass legislation on a State and Federal level.

Thank you all for all you have done.  I want to take a second and single out a few people who have gone above and beyond this year, and acknowledge their tireless work — Erica Cohen, Melissa Turoff, Hilary van Santen, Rich Bennett, Marty Bernstein, Allison Mingus, Ali Manning, Joe Criscione, Ben Theodore, Cheryl Kraus, and Cheryl Wertz all have done amazing work, and worth an extra thank you the next time you see them.


Asher Novek
CBID President

Election Night Party at the Bell House

You’ve texted, made calls, written postcards, and gave countless donations – now honor the work you did for the midterm election with friends and fellow activists and join us for the 2018 midterm election returns event!

Location:  The Bell House, 149 7th street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Doors open at 7:30 and the evening starts at 8pm with comedy, music, and special guests. At 9pm we’ll turn it over to the big screen as we watch the results roll in and see how high we can get that blue wave to crest.

Tickets available at the door, or at:

May Presidents Message

May President’s Message

Dear CBID,

We are just about through this year’s busy endorsement season.  After our May meeting we’ll be in the full swing of things election wise. Between the Congressional Primaries under a month away and petitioning for our State candidates ramping up, it’s time to start putting our feet on the pavement and getting to work. This is now the crucial time for CBID to make an impact in these elections.

We’ve had hearty discussions, we’ve met with the candidates, we’ve debated and done our due diligence. Now we have to stand for them and do what I personally think is the actual fun part of all this – engaging with voters. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to help turn out the vote. Yes, New York’s laws are antiquated and suppress new voters; yes, we’re in the bottom of voter turnout; and yes, we need real legislative change to those things.  But while we advocate for those reforms, we can also knock on doors, make phone calls, and talk to our neighbors in the mean time.

We’re not going to see real voting reform, or reproductive rights reform, or immigration reform, or public education spending, or anything unless we flip the House and flip the State Senate.  We can make substantial changes right here and get behind candidates who truly represent the values we want to continue fighting for.  And the way to do that isn’t a secret.  It’s knocking on doors, it’s getting petition signatures, it’s making phone calls.

I hope you can all prioritize making some time in the coming weeks and months.  Being a part of CBID has personally led to some of the most meaningful relationships I can remember, and it begins with voter outreach and connections.

Let’s get to work!

Asher Novek
CBID President