April Presidents Message

I’m going to do something that, to be honest, I’m not sure I really should. I’m going to comment on a race and its candidates before our official endorsement. But I feel like it’s important to start talking about this sooner rather than later. You may have seen this past weekend that Governor Cuomo lost the endorsement of the Working Families Party and basically “declared war” on the progressive grassroots movement. Losing the support of the WFP isn’t as big a shock to me, as I’ve been closely working with them on a number of issues, including fighting the IDC, but Cuomo’s seemingly ‘I-didn’t-want-to-be-your-friend-anyway’ attitude towards progressives is a bit shocking, although it really shouldn’t be.

In a time when the progressive grassroots are doing great work and winning amazing victories it seems strange to me that Cuomo is fighting that momentum. It is odd that in a time where the Federal government can and will do very little for us, that he would take such a strong stance and double down on basically what amounts to his own arrogance. Well, I think people are finally seeing who he really is and what he really stands for (not much).

My biggest takeaway from Cuomo casting aside progressives is this — we don’t need him. We will fight to take New York State back both in the Senate and in Congress this Fall. We will fight to get real progressives past the primaries and get them over the finish lines in November. And we will do so working with other grassroots groups. We will work with activists and fighters, and we will do it in a coalition around the State and Country. We don’t need the support and arrogance that comes with any institution wrapped around this Governor and his inability to put the needs of his constituents ahead of his ego.

While Cuomo is truly a disappointment, there are some people who exemplify the passion and fight that I expect of true progressives. Club member Sherese Jackson recently spoke on behalf of Indivisible Bk – basically saying that the time is up for politicians to sneak by on their faux laurels. Take a minute and watch her, and watch the Congressmembers behind her realize “ok, yeah, we’re gonna work with you.” Just try and not be fired up after that, I dare you.

I also want to give a couple more shout outs and thank yous to Hilary Van Santen for opening up her home to the wonderful meet and greet we had with Congressmember Clarke. And thanks to Melissa Turoff for helping plan a very successful karaoke night with the Southwest Brooklyn Democrats.

There’s a lot going on now – we’re going to be ramping up our Congressional support with canvassing and phone banks. We’re going to plug people into the special elections happening over the next 10 or so days. We’re going to get everything ready for a heavy summer of petitioning and canvassing for all the State Senate candidates that we have endorsed and will be endorsing. We’re going to win these Congressional, state senate and assembly primaries, and keep going through September and into November. And we will do so with our allies and friends.

Asher Novek
CBID President