The Resistance

CBID General Meeting Minutes 2-23

Benjamin Solotaire – Club Business
There is a petition circulating on which requests that Congress investigate claims of Russian hacking and influence in the 2016 election. It can be found at
In our next monthly newsletter, our revised CBID Constitution will be attached. It will be voted on at a future CBID meeting.
CBID’s annual fundraiser will be held on April 23rd at the Bell House. Clear your schedule!

Anne Swern – District Leader of the 52nd District
District Leader Swern has declared her intent to run for District Attorney. She plans on focusing on alternative sentencing and has touted her history supporting immigrant rights. Also, she noted that due to an increase in registered voters in Brooklyn, polling places may soon be changing. If you know anyplace that could serve as an ADA compliant polling place, contact your district leader.

Josh Pierre – District Leader of the 42nd District
District Leader Pierre is making rounds at many Brooklyn political clubs to introduce himself. He discussed his support of public schools at all levels of education. He also reminded us all to continue taking action against the IDC and suggested learning more about them if you haven’t already.

Eli Frankel – Bard High School
Eli Frankel is a high school student who has started his own Progressive Activist group. He is currently working with local officials to push an agenda that will benefit young people, and allow them to get more involved in government. In particular, he is looking to enact “early youth voting registration” that would allow sixteen year olds to register to vote.

Claudia Galicia – Sunset Park Latino Democrats
Claudia is working to make New York State as much of a sanctuary state as NYC is a sanctuary city. Her plea is to work with your community to end discrimination and promote acceptance so fewer families are disrupted. She is also participating in the fight against Jesse Hamilton. You can learn more about her efforts by following her on twitter @Claudia_Galacia.

Betty, Rich, and Amanda of Get Organized BK
Get Organized BK already has thousands of members and has begun breaking off into groups. One of these is the Civic Activism group. This group includes many subgroups including one that will focus on turning red seats blue, one that will focus on voting reform, and one that will focus on electing more progressive candidates. Further questions about getting involved with the Civic Activism group can contact Asher at

Robert Carroll – Assembly Member for the 44th District
Assembly Member Carroll spoke about New York’s budget. If the ACA is repealed, $3.5 million in Medicaid will be lost. New Yorkers are having a hard enough time paying medical bills without losing this funding too. Due to another proposed law, approximately 65 senior centers are in danger of losing funding in favor of child care options. Robert Carroll took issue with pitting these needs against one another, and has asked that if you are interested in staying up to date on this issue to join his email list, which you can do at his website,

Jo Anne Simon – Assembly Member for the 52nd District
Assembly Member Simon reminded those at the meeting that Title IX protects transgender students regardless of any executive order. Trump’s attempts to limit trans rights will not be taken lying down. She also presented posters that say “We Support Our Neighbors” that can be hung at your apartment or workplace to support our Muslim neighbors. If you would like any, you can contact her at

Carlos Menchaca – City Council Member
Councilman Menchaca is the chair of the immigration committee. He noted that DeBlasio needs to do more to ensure NYC sanctuary status. New York will not be cooperating with the ICE and cities with vibrant immigrant communities are both safer and have stronger economies! The councilman also discussed the NCO, or Neighborhood Coordination Officers, who hold the function of better community based policing. More information about the NCO can be found at

Lisa Gueldenzopf, Recording Secretary