June 2020 General Meeting

Full replay: https://www.facebook.com/cbidems/live

Rich Bennett began with a rundown of the agenda for the meeting. Then he discussed primary returns as of the time of the meeting, including some encouraging wins for Congresswoman Yvette Clarke and Assemblywoman Diana Richardson. Other races are still awaiting final results.

Rich also renewed his call for the club’s continued support for our Black and Brown neighbors. He mentioned the repeal of 50a in the State Legislature as a step in the right direction and hoped more will be happening soon.

Speakers commenced as follows:

Anthonine Pierre from the Brooklyn Movement Center spoke (while attending an action) about their work as part of the Budget Justice campaign to #DefundthePolice. Get involved and support their work at http://brooklynmovementcenter.org/ 

Ruby Ayana from Swing Left talked about their Super State strategy and how Brooklyn progressives can help win Pennsylvania in 2020. Visit swingleft.org and enter your zip code Ready to organize? Create your event at swingleft.org/events. Writing letters from home? Go to votefwd.org/swingleft Partner with or create a group? Contact Don Pickett, Regional Organizer for NYC dpickett@swingleft.org

Alex Low from Sister District Project presented on that organization’s work, and particularly on the local Brooklyn chapter’s efforts to elect two PA State House candidates. The group has two big asks: Sign up and co-host events. Learn more at https://sisterdistrict.com/

The Climate Change Committee’s Joanne Boger presented a key action step for members to take to reject fracked gas and support renewable energy and environmental justice. The committee recommends that CBID members take individual action by contacting the Public Service Commission at:  https://actionnetwork.org/…/tell-the-public-service-commiss… Reach out to us if you’d like to get involved in this committee!

The proposed Constitutional amendments to allow CBID to conduct virtual voting when necessary passed by a vote of 19 to 1. The amendments will be re-considered for a second vote and adoption in our July meeting. Text is as follows:

  1. “All votes must be cast in person or online through an application/platform previously approved by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall convene virtual membership meetings and Executive Committee meetings and allow online voting at their discretion. In-person or virtual attendance is required in order to vote. Votes by proxy are not allowed.”
  2. “Every member of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to one (1) vote, which must be cast in person or online through an application/platform previously approved by the Executive Committee. In-person or virtual attendance is required in order to vote. Votes by proxy are not allowed.” 

Finally, details for our first-ever Virtual Trivia Night on Tuesday, June 30 were announced. After which, the meeting was adjourned.

May 2020 Meeting Notes


Meeting began with club business:

Rich Bennett opened the meeting with a motion to spend over $7,000 for mailers for the upcoming primaries. The motion was seconded and approved by a vote of 29 to 0, no abstentions.

Then, as she had been unable to speak during the April 2020 general meeting, Assemblywoman Diana Richardson was invited to speak at this meeting. Assemblywoman Richardson has been serving in the 43rd Assembly District since Jesse Hamilton was defeated in 2018. He is now attempting a comeback and Ms. Richardson spoke about his tactics and his prior record as an IDC member, gave her appreciation for the CBID endorsement, and requested volunteers to help with her campaign.

Jason Salmon was the next speaker. He is running for a state senate seat for District 25. He spoke about actions he has been taking to provide food support for residents in NYCHA housing in his district. He also talked about the challenge of campaigning during a pandemic lockdown and hopes for more volunteers to do phone- and text-banking in the coming weeks leading up to the primary.

Rachel Eve Stein, the candidate endorsed by CBID in the upcoming primary election for district leader in Assembly District 52, also spoke about the challenges faced by campaigning during a pandemic. A call was put out for more volunteers for phone and text banking, which remain the only safe way to connect with voters.

The next speaker was Whitney Hu, speaking for South Brooklyn Mutual Aid. This group has been serving over 2,000 families in the South Brooklyn area, with 250 volunteers, providing food and other resources to those in need. She emphasized that the number of families in need will likely grow as time goes on and hopes that the number of volunteers and donors would do the same.

In a similar vein, Judy Wallig spoke about the work of Heights & Hills, an organization serving the senior community in Park Slope and environs for many years. The facility they have run for a long time, the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging, has been turned into a food bank facility with volunteers using it as a source to bring food to home-bound seniors. Other activities have become virtual, including phone and Zoom meetings to provide contact with seniors to allay isolation.

Finally, a Climate Change Committee update was presented by Joanne Boger, Mary Beth Carroll, Marvin Ciproen, and Alice Ott. Among items discussed were the Climate & Community bill, legislation to divest city and state pension funds from fossil fuel providers, and the impact of the pandemic on subway usage when the restrictions on work are lifted. A return to mostly car usage is a big concern.

The meeting was adjourned.

December 2019 Meeting Notes



  • Introduce yourselves to a neighbor

Elected Officials

  • Assemblywoman Wright (56th AD – Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights)
    • Happy holidays
  • Assemblyman Carroll (44th AD)
    • Happy holidays
    • 2019 progressive victories thanks to groups like CBID
  • Assemblywoman Simon (52nd AD)
    • Happy holidays
    • Ditto about this year being one of the best years in the state leg – getting a Dem state senate was critical
    • This year, dealing with budget shortfalls – might be a painful budget
    • Need to work to solidify NYS Senate – lots of GOP senators not running for reelection, opportunities to get a veto-proof majority, changes dynamic with governor
    • Asked Asher to delay vote until January, because 52nd home club is IND – it was not received well
      • It’s about courtesy, we work with other clubs all the time
      • IND will endorse in that race in January
      • Just wanted to set record straight if anyone had any concerns
    • Next Java with Jo Anne set up on 1/7 on 4th Ave; open house holiday party at district office tomorrow afternoon (341 Smith St)

Officer & ExComm nominations

  • January elections – new slate of officers and ExComm members
  • ExComm plans the meetings, make decisions about the club, when we’re going to endorse, which races to get involved in, committees, etc. – nuts and bolts – great way to get more involved in club
  • There will be a new president (term limit) –
  • Marty: likely 12 ExComm slots, depending on who pays dues either today or by election
    • Currently we have ~23 ExComm slots, so a big potential drop
    • Considered based on whoever paid in 2019 or 2020
  • As per November ExComm meeting, members were never notified their memberships are expiring, ExComm voted to allow an amnesty as long as they pay their dues before they vote to cure their membership and vote
    • Any members who last paid 2017 or prior years, paying dues now would only allow them to vote after 30 days or 60 days for club elections
    • Marty: any motions or voice votes, need
  • Marty: Because of problems with NYS Campaign Finance Board, reluctant to take cash – will make few exceptions if folks know they didn’t pay
  • Can take nominations for ExComm or officers from the floor tonight, or ExComm on the floor at general meeting
  • Current officer nominations:
    • Comms – Ben
    • VP Membership – Allison
    • VP Political Strategy – Erica
    • Treasurer – Marty
    • President – Rich
    • Still an opening for Recording Secretary
    • Can take nominations for any of these, but especially recording secretary (this is a compliment to Ben, who acknowledges it in writing)

Climate Committee Update

  • Alice: trying to get state leg to put $1 billion forward for Climate Protection Act – 12/16 150 people started lobbying in local offices
    • Now a part of NY Renews coalition
  • Joanne: went to Kavanaugh’s office, we were not very successful because the senator did not have time – that lobbying has to continue
  • Nicole: doesn’t the governor have to sign legislation before it goes into effect?
    • Jo Anne Simon: some environmental justice provisions in the CCPA that got watered down; have not seen whether the bill went to the governor’s desk yet. Governor has 10 days once it arrives in order to sign. Lots of bills stacked up, always happens.
    • Don’t see a reason for him to veto this bill, but he already vetoed two of my bills this month
    • Nicole: maybe we can do some advocacy getting that other bill signed, since funding one would be tricky if the other isn’t included


  • Marvin: federal PAC needs $, also needs to be managed by someone other than the Treasurer
    • Someone interested in running the federal PAC should get in touch with Asher
  • Club dinner on Sunday, 2/9 at Shapeshifter Labs at 5:30 PM

Club Endorsements

We are not endorsing in the 21st Senate District – Asher received confidential information last night, cannot disclose, we are postponing this endorsement. No candidate will present

52nd Assembly District Female District Leader Race

  • Jim Brennan: moves to postpone the endorsement in this race
    • Marty seconds


  • Jim: as Jo Anne mentioned at top of the meeting, she expressed concern that CBID was going to endorse before IND – should defer in the spirit of this partnership
    • We are still 10 weeks away from the beginning of petitioning. People pop up, drop out, enter the race late. Still 6.5 months away from the primary. Premature to deal with this at this moment.
  • Erica: technically, the choice of endorsements is up to the Executive Committee, generally not left to the membership. Would argue that this objection is improper
  • Joe: as member of ESC, we wanted to schedule these races early because the early funds would matter. Don’t quite get the argument. LID endorsed first, as did NKD.
    • Jo Anne: LID had the courtesy to talk to me about it. NKD did the same, too. My district is most affected, DL would work more closely with me than with anyone else. If there was an endorsement in the 44th, there would be a courtesy extended to the assembly member, his decision-making, their timing
  • Lisa: been in this club for 12 years, in the 52nd AD, and always thought this club was blended between 52nd and 44th. Fine with delaying because it’s premature, but not fine to delay just because another club hasn’t made an endorsement. Understand reaching out to assembly member and other district leader, but not just to defer to another club.
  • David: I definitely think that talking to the assembly member and DL is an important courtesy, and perhaps we messed that up. But our endorsement timing is our choice and not related to any other club. The point about our alliance with IND is also true for LID. Candidates are here, we have good turnout, logical that we should move ahead. I do want to hear DL and Assembly member’s opinions
  • Diana: vocal advocate for not delaying the meeting. New ESC has restructured the endorsement process, and we need to work out kinks of communications – take this as a lesson and not as a conflict. Wanted to start endorsements today because we have a full plate in the coming months. And in this race where not a lot of people are endorsing, it’s meaningful to endorse. I assumed that Josh and Jo Anne would have endorsed already and their opinions matter to me quite a bit, so I’m at a bit of a loss. Now changed my mind, and support tabling it.
  • Cheryl: concur with Lisa and Diana. We have never deferred to IND in either timing or choice of our endorsement in my 15 years in the club. The opinions are significant to me and I care about that.
    • Jo Anne: not about deferral to IND. Not assuming you’d make the same decision. Deference to the member, as a courtesy. IND has not yet taken a vote, and I’m reluctant to get out ahead of my club. I have to respect my club members.
    • Joe: why did you allow LID and NKD to endorse?
      • Jo Anne: Not about allowing. I asked them to hold off, and they didn’t. they had members in the race and I understand that. Their original date many of us would be out of town, they changed the date so we could attend.
  • All of the DL candidates are here tonight. They have prepared to speak. Good showing of the membership tonight. Would be a waste of members’ time to not vote tonight. Deferring to other club on the timing of endorsements runs contrary to the word “independent”
  • How would delaying tonight’s vote affect our endorsement schedule?
    • General murmuring, no one seems to know. Hadn’t yet fully decided which races we would be endorsing in.
  • Relationships between club and DLs haven’t always been positive. Relationship in the 52nd AD is positive, and that’s a good thing. Endorsing someone that the DL and Assemblywoman don’t want to work with, that would be a problem.
  • Josh: caution comparing clubs as apples to apples…incorrectly states that one candidate is an executive committee member of two clubs that already endorsed
    • 2010, IND was supporting a candidate Jesse Straus, proposed him as next male DL. CBID as a group took it upon ourselves to go meet with Jesse. Expected it would go well. It didn’t. Came back and decided we couldn’t support IND candidates. We nominated Chris Owens instead. That choice was made in dialogue. Dialogue is important.
  • Marvin: we live in a horrible time politically. People talked past each other. The club is impressive tonight, people are open to reconsidering decisions. We look to make the best decisions based on the info we have.
  • Asher: call the question
    • Who can vote: if you paid dues in 2018, you are allowed to vote as long as you paid Marty tonight before the vote (you will be cured). If anyone is unsure, they should check with Marty.
      • Marty is confident we can do a hand vote.
  • Motion: delay the vote for the 52nd AD female DL
    • 18 in favor
    • 7 opposed
    • 8 abstained
    • Motion carries.
  • Offer to both candidates to speak. Will do so again.

Rachel Eve Stein

  • Born and raised in rent-stabilized West Village apt, attended NYC public schools; dad organized rent strikes in our building
  • Worked for congress, pulled back to NYC, couldn’t afford the neighborhood where I grew up, have lived in Gowanus for past 9 years
  • Show up for community – got supplies and sandwiches to people stuck during Superstorm Sandy; women should lift each other up, co-founded WIN NYC – pro-choice networking group
    • Founded Women’s Committee of Brooklyn Young Democrats – actually produced anti-harassment guide
  • If elected:
    • Organize volunteer pipeline to defeat Trump and protect vulnerable democrats like Andrew Gounardes – bring 52nd AD democratic energy elsewhere
    • Organize around climate change and affordable housing on state committee
      • 7 professional years in environmental advocacy and education – designed program; Built department, managing $millions of taxpayer money, organized first outreach team
      • Can make county and state party’s operations more sustainable, represent at the top of the platform
      • Gowanus rezoning – deeply involved since 2013, community events with councilmembers to ensure rezoning doesn’t just benefit developers and landlords
      • Continue work reforming the party – been on CC since 2014, grateful for Josh and Jo Anne pushing for rules reform and financial transparency
        • Make sure current members are active, and if not – find out way: mobility, language issues, child care, etc. – offer accommodations instead of shutting them out
        • Increase engagement through poll working ­– heard about issues for working issues for early voting, will work to resolve swiftly
      • Evaluating judges – prioritize diversity in professional and personal background and prioritize gender identity
    • Worked in Stars & Stripes Democratic Club – no Obama/Biden poster, met another young organizer, Kevin Peter Carroll, conspired to put a poster up. We stapled a sign from a rally to the wall. Kevin later became a DL, but united to commitment to public service, finding common ground. Sign is still there.
  • Collaborative spirit, which I will bring to the rest of Executive Committee to find common ground. Unite for good policy even when we don’t agree 100% on all the issues.
    • Thousands of hours volunteering for candidates. Know the issues, know my community

Jesse Pierce

  • Hoped there would be a vote, but grateful for the time
  • Feel really strongly that CBID’s endorsement would be such a huge boost – CBID puts in the work, rich history or reform advocacy and local political organizing
    • Leads to high levels of participation and engagement in 52nd and 44th Ads
  • Most excited about building a party organizational structure with my community with defined roles and responsibilities and processes
    • Speak to a mission to serve Brooklyn voters
    • Very achievable
  • Specifically: Double down on Assembly District Committee (ADC)
    • Work with people to define roles and what can be achieved, which creates unity and a space for people to participate. If things are ill-defined, it’s hard to get things done.
    • Culture of accountability and transparency
    • Everyone has a role to play – create a system that exists beyond one particular person and one particular role. Create a leadership pipeline.
  • Key responsibilities – can bring other CC members and other engaged democrats to ensure we’re coming up with the right solutions and picking the right candidates that align with our values
  • Disperse power amongst district Democrats – involve as many people as possible
  • Running my campaign as a job interview; 6-7 canvassing events already, knocked over 1,500 doors; postcarding event with 23 volunteers writing 160 postcards. That’s the level of energy and focus and inclusion that is critical to this role
  • Want to partner with CBID in that vision of a party organization that we can be proud of

Asher: contentious yet well-discussed issue. Last call for nominations for Executive Committee or any officerships

  • nope

November 2019 Meeting Notes

Welcome, General Updates

  • Who early voted? Who did GOTV to support Ranked Choice Voting?
    • Shout-out to Brooklyn Voters Alliance

Arielle Swernoff from NYRenews

  • Alice introduces: CBID voted to join NYRenews Coalition a few months ago
  • Worked for several years to pass NYS Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act
    • Strongest climate law in the nation
    • Net-Zero emissions by 2050, front-line community investment, renewable energy targets
  • Priorities now:
    • Law is implemented in line with our values
    • Lobbying governor, legislative leaders to make strong appointments to the Climate Action Council – 22 people to come up with the plan, GOP appointed fossil fuel industry representatives
    • Public hearings as the CAC writes its plan, state agencies will have public hearings – will call on folks to show up forcefully and share our priorities for a rapid transition off fossil fuels
    • Requires a lot of funding
  • Long term   
    • Climate and Community Investment Act – Fee on pollution, would raise $7 billion/year and invest into communities creating jobs, energy rebates, infrastructure, just transition fund, impacted worker fund
    • Don’t expect to win this year
  • Key Dates
    • 12/11 – statewide day of action with local, in-district lobbying visits to legislators
      • Will send more info via email
    • 1/27 – Albany day of action (save the date)
      • Governor will be introducing his executive budget in the weeks prior, not holding our breath for him to include the $ for climate
      • There will be buses coming up from NY
  • Questions
    • Is making homes more energy efficient a priority? Yes. Asking for $200 million for efficiency and weatherization
    • How is pollution measured? Focus on corporate polluters
    • Electoral program for 2020? Still considering. Key vehicles may be coalition member organizations, who already have that electoral strength, to ensure that climate justice is at the front

52nd AD County Committee

  • Alice reading on Josh Skaller’s behalf
  • On Monday night, the 52nd AD County Committee is meeting – proxy info is available
    • Cheryl: the 44th AD Committee is meeting (I think) on January 30th
    • Joe: you’ll be getting an agenda in the mail, should have already received an email from Jason Shelley with proxy info and agenda
    • Who do Kings County Democratic Committee members represent? Your Election District
      • But lots of people represent districts far from where they live

Committee Reportback

  • Events Committee – Asher
    • Annual dinner with be in February- SUNDAY, February 9, 2020 at Shapeshifter Labs in Gowanus
  • Electoral Strategy Committee – Allison
    • Have been researching races happening in 44th, 52nd, 51st, and 57th Ads – congressional and state races
    • Finished off races, now putting together candidate questionnaires to send out in the next couple of weeks
  • Womxn’s Caucus – Allison
    • Next event on January 6, 2020 – petitioning training for women and non-binary folks at Hinterlands (Kensington)
    • Asher: big thanks to Allison for organizing and getting this work off the ground
  • Climate Change & Environmental Justice Committee – Alice
    • Thanks again to Arielle
    • Fight for Sunlight update – process explainer. BBG will have a more in-depth update and training on this project in December (likely 12/14)
      • Will send an invite once they know the date
      • Folks can sign on to their petition
      • If anyone knows elected officials, particularly in that area, talk to us later so we can try to meet with and engage them in this fight
      • Opposed to a zoning waiver to allow them to build the buildings higher
    • In January, we’re going to have a speaker on the Gowanus re-development project, discussion of environmental issues
      • Workshop on that at 12/2 presented by Community Board 6 – Alice can give you that info

Club Elections coming up in January

  • Officers up for election, as well as Executive Committee
    • ExComm meets once per month, help put together agenda, events – great way to get more involved in the club and on particular issues
    • Talk to any current members (show of hands) about what it’s like
  • Officers must nominate themselves by December meeting, ExComm nominations can occur from the floor at January’s meeting
    • Two ways to nominate yourself – from the floor tonight or in December meeting, or email Erica at ericacbid@gmail.com
  • Marvin: critical importance of next President of CBID, nominates Richard Bennett for President ­– he accepts


  • Ben presents overview of constitutional amendments: Officer Roles, Email/Membership list
  • Allison reads through changes in constitution
    • Change in titles, VP of Political Strategy, VP of Membership, VP of Communications, Recording Secretary, Treasurer
    • Changes to nomenclature for VP of Communications
    • No questions/discussion on role changes
    • Changes in mailing list (Ben clarifies that email addresses aren’t up for discussion)
      • -Marty: emails could be given out
  • Marvin: makes a motion to pass first set of amendments
  • 4 abstentions – motion passes
  • Julie: motion to pass second set of amendments
  • 3 abstentions – motion passes
  • Marty: question on process of constitutional amendment to modify the “federal” nomenclature in Treasurer description

Open for floor nominations of officers

  • Ben nominates Allison Mingus for Vice-President of Membership – she accepts

New Business

  • Alice: hosting a fundraiser for Josh Skaller at her house on 12/4 Wednesday, co-hosted by Cheryl, Marvin, Dan Wise, Asher, Jim Brennan
  • Cheryl: December meeting will include business but is also a holiday potluck party
    • Will be meeting in the basement of the church around the corner
    • Not required to bring phone
    • 12/19 Thursday

Meet & Greets

  • Jabari Brisport – candidate for 25th Senate District (currently held by Velmanette Montgomery)
    • Middle school teacher
    • Brooklyn born and bred, teaches in Crown Heights
    • Second-time candidate; came to speak at CBID when running for City Council in 2017
      • Ran because of frustration around housing, over-policing
    • Gentrification running rampant, police presence getting worse
    • Asked to run again by people in the community, knocking on doors this past weekend in Ft. Greene, registering voters and talking to folks left out of political system
    • Questions
      • How would you address spike in hate crimes? Increase know-your-rights efforts in district, how do we make this a true sanctuary city, support move to abolish ICE and not collaborate with them; father was undocumented for 20 years
      • What sitting senator are you most aligned with? Julia Salazar, Zellnor Myrie – DSA member, close with Zellnor, had a great conversation with Jessica Ramos’s chief of staff
      • Have you spoken to the incumbent? I’ve reached out to the office a few times, I have not yet gotten in contact. I’ve heard she’s retiring, I’ve heard she anointed her preferred successor
      • Concerns about policing, what could state legislature do? Terrible bill called 50-A, shielding police records making it hard to investigate/prosecute. Repealing would create more transparency and accountability. Participatory budgeting of police departments. Aside from racial justice, pushing to reform foundation aid formula, felt understaffed classrooms firsthand. More aggressive action on climate change
      • Housing? Elected governance of NYCHA is interesting, need to research more. Massive funding deficit – it started being federally funded, I don’t see a way to get $30 billion next year unless the federal government steps up, but see a path to get $ over time by raising revenue. Vacancy taxation, pied-a-terre taxes, anti-speculation tax.
      • Why do you oppose the sale of air rights from NYCHA? I opposed when it was being sold pay-to-play style to donors of de Blasio’s campaign, and also pushes more towards privatization which as a socialist I oppose
        • Would you support a plan to transfer those air rights to a wider area, which would avoid pay to play? Would you support if their air rights were invented whole cloth rather than taken from NYCHA? Need to learn more about that proposal, would it drive up rents
      • Incorporating Census outreach into our campaign? Will star this weekend
      • SHSAT and desegregation? Used to be a SHSAT tutor so I’ve seen the disparity first-hand. Less than 10 students got into Stuyvesant last year. In favor of a new form of testing, interested in a model that would take top students from every school around NYC. Move further away from high-stakes testing – more frequent testing but less high stakes, just to provide constant feedback on where students are at. Also look at what schools are overpoliced, fight for more counselors, fewer cops.
  • Katherine Walsh – candidate for 51st Assembly District
    • Challenging Felix Ortiz, has been in office 26 years
    • 2 other women who are running – can talk about the issues in our district and debate them, ensure we are planning for the future
    • Climate activist, urban planner, Chairwoman of Assembly District Committee, Community Board 7 member
      • Has worked with cities to build sustainable transportation structures, green infrastructure – cares about critical investments
    • Seeing what Felix Ortiz is not doing, putting our community at risk
      • Displacement and gentrification and climate change working together – will uproot diverse communities
    • Grew up in Sunset Park
      • Saw neighbors come together, show up to combat ICE raids this summer
    • Green New Deal, especially in Red Hook
    • Single-Payer Healthcare in NYS, extend to immigrant communities
    • Pass the Liberty Act to get ICE out of the courts and streets
    • Pathways for affordable housing, protect tenants through good-cause eviction, reinvest in Mitchell-Lama program
    • Pass fair elections law – matching funds, term limits
    • Questions
      • Census outreach as part of campaign? Yes. As ADC head, one of the first things I’m doing is leveraging 187 Dems in the County Committee to roll out a census campaign. As candidate, I haven’t thought about it yet but I can integrate it. Semi-trailer issue in a new development project, AD already has the highest asthma rate in Brooklyn – integrating climate activism with campaign. No Trucking Way BK effort.
      • Industry City rezoning? I’ll need to vote on it as a CB member. What they resubmitted, I am opposed to. It’s the same proposal for luxury hotels and retail. In the process, they can hear from the community and our CB will make a recommendation, ultimately up to councilmember.
      • Vision for Industry City site? It’s private development so they have the ability to do what they want with the site. Want some form of community-based agreement for other facilities. Green industrial development is aspirational. Think proactively for Sunset Park, comprehensive development across the waterfront and NYC, not just in this one project
      • School segregation? Attended Midwood High School. Different people are motivated by different things, so many students are left behind. Foundation aid is not coming to our city and our schools, by the time they show up to the test they aren’t set up for success. First part of this is the funding we need. Then thinking through fair choice and fair opportunity. Desegregation efforts in D15 seem to be working. Maybe we can roll it out to other communities in NY.
      • Crowded primary? Good to have more choices than Felix Ortiz. Our team is setting up specific metrics of what success looks like – where we want to be by January. 16 canvasses and 1,000 doors already. Energizing and GOTV is the key, presidential election will make things look different than last time.