CBID General Meeting Minutes 3-23-2017


CBID General Meeting Minutes 3-23-2017

Benjamin Solotaire – CBID President
-CBID is having its annual fundraising dinner on April 23rd at the Bell House! Tickets are $120 and can be purchased at CBIDems.org. These funds will primarily be used to support candidates that we will be endorsing throughout the year.

Tia Schellstede – Public School Watchdogs
-The activist group, Public School Watchdogs was created to fight the agenda of US Education Secretary, Betsey DeVos. They will be protesting any education cuts to the NYS budget because Cuomo’s budget will take 4.3 billion from schools. For more information about getting involved, check them out on Facebook or by visiting publicschoolwatchdogs.org.

Eli Frankel – Youth Progressive Policy Group
-Eli is part of a student progressive activism group that is focused on youth participation in politics. They would like to go to Albany to lobby state legislators to support their “Young Voter Act” which is meant to lower the voting age to seventeen and teach civics in more high schools. If you are interested in donating to the group to fund their Albany trip, visit yppg-ny.org or follow them on Twitter @YPPGOfficial.

David Michelson – CBID Executive Committee Member
-There will be a talk, “What Now for Health Care Reform” with Oliver T. Fein, MD, FACP, the chair of the New York Metro Chapter of PNHP on Wednesday, March 29th, at 7pm at the New York Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Auditorium located at 506 6th Street. To register, call (917) 947-9121.
-A newer group, Women of Color for Progress, recently launched with the goal of electing more women of color. We will hopefully be working with them in the future and for more information about them, find them on Facebook or WomenofColorforProgress.org.
-Brooklyn for Peace will be sending two busses to the People’s Climate March on Washington on April 29th. For tickets, visit BrooklynforPeace.org.

Patricia Gatling and Marc Fliecher, two candidates for Brooklyn DA stopped by to introduce themselves. There will be more in depth candidate vetting to follow.

State Assembly Member Robert Carroll
-We are facing a new budget vote in less than a week!
-Raising the Age should go into the new budget, it would limit 16 and 17 year olds from being tried and convicted as adults.
-421-A will provide tax abatements for new construction of rental units
-Possibly entering the budget is a tax on homes of $2 million or more that would be used to provide housing for seniors
-State Republicans want to get rid of the Millionaire’s Tax, while Democrats want to further stratify it. It could create $5 billion dollars! This is huge because 40% of Americans making more than $100 million per year make some of it in New York.

City Councilor Brad Lander
-First, a reminder of all the successes organizing has had. It was not Trump who stopped the repeal of the ACA; it was groups like ours. So keep up the good work!
-Participatory Budget Week is coming up! You can participate at pbnyc.org/vote.
-One law to watch: a proposal to end abusive scheduling for fast food and retail workers. If it passes, these employers would no longer be able to give short notice on scheduling or “on-call” shifts.

State Senator Velmanette Montgomery
-There are two versions of the “Raise the Age” legislation. Cuomo is interested in raising the age slowly, leaving up to 28,000 minors at risk. His version of this would also leave a long list of crimes exempt. The version proposed by Montgomery and Lentol would move more cases into Family Court. To support this progressive version, call Cuomo and tell him you do!

Bobbie Sackman – LiveOn NY
-Bobbie is an advocate for seniors. In a city with one third of seniors in poverty, it is important that we protect them. Two thousand are sleeping in shelters each night. Cuomo says he wants an “age friendly New York” but without the passage of better housing reform, two hundred thousand seniors currently on waiting lists could find a home. To get more involved visit liveon-ny.org.


State Assembly Member Jo Anne Simon
-Some of the most important parts of the budget to focus on are funding gun violence research, early voting and auto registration, and raise the age. Contact your assembly member to show your support for these items.
-One item that should come out of the budget are incentives for NYC real estate. Developers need no incentive, and that funding can be used for affordable housing instead.

Nick Rizzo – District Leader for the 50th District
-We all need to change our tone when talking to members of the IDC. The time for “come back” is over; we’re now in the age of “we’re coming for you!” To get involved in this effort, follow him @nickrizzo and stay on top of the latest details.