CBID May General Meeting Notes: May 24th 2018

CBID May General Meeting Notes: May 24th 2018


Club Business
Guest speaker:  Gubernatorial Candidate Cynthia Nixon
Review CBID Constitutional Amendment Proposals

Endorsement – POSTPONED
44th District Leader, Male
Jacob Gold
Doug Schneider
No Endorsement

44th District Leader, Female
Lori Citron Knipel
No Endorsement

Civil Court:  Countywide (choose up to 2)*
Loren Bailey (incumbent, recommended)
Ingrid  Joseph (incumbent, recommended)
No Endorsement

Surrogate Court*
Harriet  Thompson (the judicial committee recommends no endorsement)
No Endorsement

Civil Court 1st Division*
Devin P. Cohen (declined to answer questionnaire, no recommendation)
No Endorsement

*The Judicial Committee sent questionnaires, reviewed decisions and conducted in-person interviews of all of the judicial candidates, and these are their recommendations.

Asher’s comments:

  • Announced that we were scheduled to hold endorsement vote for 44th male district leader — is no longer running (for reelection)
    • This is not public yet – Asher asked if there was any press
    • Contacted Doug
    • May hold emergency meeting
    • Jake Gold told Asher – but has not publicly announced it
    • David M asked if it was official – some disagreement there

Constitutional changes and committee – presented by Ben S for the second time

  • Must be presented at two consecutive meetings
  • Biggest change – no more nominating committee etc
  • Review previous notes for changes
  • Ben has good record of this –
  • Voted – passed

Josh announced that the county dinner is tonight and a lot of judicial candidates are at that dinner – they are coming later!

Asher asked: who has done any canvassing recently ?

  • Announced the schedule that Asher and Erica made to sign up for phone banking, petitioning, door to door

Asher also announced – CBID does not endorse anyone for AG – we are NOT endorsing Eric Schneiderman

  • CBID did not have opportunity to withdraw / rescind since he withdrew
  • We will discuss at ExComm Tuesday – we will probably endorse in June

Asher recognizes – Blake Morris is here

County Committee – Mat Stern is her from Rep Your Block


  • 44th Female District Leader: Lori Knipel
    1. Became district leader in 1992 encouraged by CBID – to fight the machine
    2. Has tried to do finances that had never been done before – they have an accountant now
    3. Started and chaired women’s caucus of district leader
    4. Now does pro bono work as a lawyer – tenants’ rights
    5. Encourages everyone to join county committee
    6. Someone from the audience thanked her for voting for Cynthia Nixon, Jumaane Williams and Tish James at Democratic Convention
      1. 4 votes total – Jake Gold did
      2. Same person asked about judicial
    7. Question from Erica Cohen: why have we not seen you recently? Why should we endorse and put manpower behind you
      1. Cited being unpaid AND dealing with multiple family problems – husband is sick etc
    8. Warren asked: how many times have you disagreed with Chair and rest of County Committee
      1. She cannot remember them all but says she is a fighter


  • Civil Court Countywide – Loren Bailey Schiffman cannot attend, Jim Brennan is speaking on her behalf
    1. Jim is doing this because he supports her
    2. Running for 3rd term – elected in 1998 and CBID has endorsed her the last two times
    3. Ran unopposed last time and before beat a “creepy landlord” lawyer
    4. Lives in Flatbush with her husband – husband worked for Jim
    5. No clear if she has a primary / anyone running against her – still uncertain – but she is a well-respected jurist …. Has been an acting statewide Supreme Court Judge – has had a practice that was pro-tenant rights
    6. Jim highly recommended – she aspires to be in State Supreme Court judge one day – says we should endorse her
  • David Michaelson is sharing the findings and recommendations of Judicial Committee
    1. 2 members interviewed each person who sought their endorsement – they sought out every candidate running – lawyers and non lawyers
      1. Though many will appear
    2. Devin Cohen – longtime friend of the club and one of the club’s biggest victories when he ran – but did not fill out a the questionnaire (did not receive it??)
      1. Josh S has spoken to Devin who felt he was not able to fill out the questionnaire because of the nature of the questions
      2. This is a NO recommendation because they were not able NOT speaking against him!
    3. Strongly recommend Ingrid Joseph for reelection – had a great interview
    4. Recommend Loren Bailey Schiffman for reelection
    5. Surrogate race has been very hotly contested btwn reformers and the county machine – CBID à this is a key role for CBID since the candidates are not well known when you go to the polls
    6. Interviewed the only candidate who came forward – Thompson – so the committee recommends NO ENDORSEMENT
    7. There will be MORE discussion later!! Huge impact

Our endorsed candidate for Governor: Cynthia Nixon

  • Gave a speech post the Democratic Convention
  • Legalize marijuana, support schools, fix housing and rent laws, get rid of cash bail, stop gentrification – halt it in its tracks – community driven development, single payer healthcare, make it a real sanctuary state!!
  • We need to oppose Donald Trump with TEEETH and real policy
  • No corporate donors – so donate – this is a people powered campaign
  • I asked who she would support for AG: she said it was early, like Teachout, Tish James – and is happy with Underwood – wants a woman to be the next AG (especially since the last one / with all that’s going on!) – she punted it but well
  • Who are you advisors – since you are new: she has been working with progressive organizations for years and considered running since 2010
    • We have funding / the formula for funding our schools
    • Experience fighting for education funding, marriage equality, women’s rights
    • Will take progressive policies that have stalled in the state senate and PASS it
  • Amanda from BK Voters Alliance: thanks her BUT her platform is missing voting reform!! How are you going to pass this legislation and fight for civil rights when our laws protect elected and disenfranchise so many – especially the poor and disadvantaged
    • WHY is voting reform not part of your platform – is it a priority
    • Voting and campaign finance reform
    • She is passionate about it
    • She says she does not talk about it as much because it is not well known and relatable like issues such as bail and pot – campaign finance is more important in some ways
    • Cuomo and LLC money
  • Lori Knipel asked: how will you make sure public school will get its lottery money ?
    • She asked for help from Lori which was NICE
  • How will you play upstate? In places where they mayor is not popular?
    • She supported the mayor – not sure that upstate is that interested and she is NOT super close with him but actually is more concerned with his unpopularity in NYC
    • About experience: we have an experienced governor who is a terrible manager? Just if you have political experience – you need to have the will to enact change!
  • Ends with the need for a progressive!

Judicial Candidates:

  • Ingrid Joseph
    1. Sounded strong – David and judicial committee recommended
  • Harriet Thompson
    1. Acting justice of supreme court – running to be surrogate
      1. Surrogate courts deal with material goods – real and personal property at death
      2. She acknowledged that her interview did not go well – especially with Dan Wise – though it did go well with Rich Bennett
  • She has a strong background in property – fits with surrogate court – she works with legal aid etc
  1. She has been endorsed by CBID in 2010 for civil court
  1. Relationship with County Committee – she said she was God’s choice
    1. She says she is independent – and an adult – very odd answer


  • Devin Cohen – reelection to the civil court – longtime CBID member and friend
    1. He says he has a dream job and wants to be a judge and help his community – wanted to be a lawyer who did public service
    2. He has a packet of all his published opinions and his CV – because he did not feel he could fill out the questionnaire

Other elected officials:


  • Bobby Carroll
    1. next Tuesday 6.30pm – president of NYC Transit Authority for 19 billion dollar plan for 10 years. Come ask about his plan!! We have 2 hours
    2. 2 bills on green energy!
      1. Prime sponsor to extend support of solar panels
      2. Prime sponsor for households to also have solar power storage


  • State Senator Kevin Parker
    1. A state senator does not even have a quorum – a republican just re-enlisted in the army – so we are at 31 -31
    2. Dems should not give them a quorum or discussing they might not
    3. Reported on Democratic Convention and nomination of Tish James – he supports her strongly – thinks will be good AG
    4. An opportunity to gain 3-4 seats — is hopeful but skeptical about beating Felder – but excited to try and thinks he might join Dems
    5. Wants to be at 33 and 34 – and Parker governed as whip at 32
    6. Kevin as asking for 3 things: 1 for an endorsement, 2 Kevin is asking for help for Dems in state senate; 3 what do we want to see happen this year?
      1. Early voting / voting reform, carbon taxing – he wants to hear from us

2 announcements:

Asher announces: CBID FED!! We are now have formed a Federal Pac! We can give money to federal races

** give money

** big thanks to Ben, Marty, Richard Bruce and Cheryl!

ExComm voted to make a donation – need CBID to vote

Joy made the motion to donate $500 dollars to Blake Morris (who had just left)

I seconded – it passed unanimously


44th District Leader, Female

Lori Citron Knipel

Civil Court:  Countywide

Loren Bailey

Ingrid  Joseph

Surrogate Court

No Endorsement

Civil Court 1st Division

Devin P. Cohen