Inez Barron

Office: City Council
District: 42

Office Information:
District Office Address
718 Pennsylvania Ave. Brooklyn, New York 11207

Inez Barron – City Council

About Inez Barron

From the City Council Website:


Inez Barron was elected to the NYC Council in 2013, after having served 5 years in the NYS Assembly. Her political service follows a distinguished career of public service in the NYC Department of Education. Inez is the daughter of George and Margaret R. Smith, who raised her to “put God first.” Inez credits her parents with instilling in her the value of education and pride in her culture. Their encouragement to her was “always give your best, do your best, be your best and expect the best.” Inez Barron is succeeding her husband, Hon.Charles Barron as Council Member of the 42nd Council District. Inez and Charles are the parents of Jelani Johnson and Jawanza Barron. For more than fifty years, Ms. Barron has been actively engaged in protesting
against civil and human injustices such as segregation, discrimination,
apartheid, exclusion of Africa from the NYC curriculum, police misconduct and
environmental racism.

Inez has a long history of community activism. Through participation in various community organizations, she has been involved in closing a store selling illegal drugs; stopping the construction of a wood-burning incinerator that would have spewed tons of particulate matter into the air; ending the use of coal-burning furnaces in public schools; and maintaining affordable rents. As Assemblymember, she is the Assembly author of the State legislation that maintains affordable rents in Spring Creek/“Starrett City” for the next 30 years. Inez was born and raised in public housing and attended the New York City public schools. She is a graduate of Hunter College of the City University of New York (Bachelor of Science in Physiology) and Bank Street College of Education (Master of Science in Reading and Special Education). Ms. Barron’s philosophy is that children should be valued and motivated to achieve, and teachers have a responsibility not only to provide the skills necessary to be life-long learners and become productive and critical members of society, but also to challenge and stimulate children’s thinking.

During her 36 year tenure with the NYC Board of Education, Inez held various instructional positions, including classroom teacher (elementary, junior high school and college levels), reading teacher and math lab teacher. Inez held a variety of administrative and supervisory positions, including teacher trainer, district coordinator for early childhood, executive assistant to the community superintendent, and assistant principal. Ms. Barron retired as a principal.
Inez’ affirmation is “I believe God.”