February 2018 General Meeting Minutes

CBID February 22 2018 – General Meeting Notes


CBID Committee Overview: we will go over our club committees and the work they are doing (Diversity, Judicial, Dinner/Events, Communications/Social Media, Audit, Constitutional)

Endorsements: Congressional Districts : We will hold endorsements for the following Congressional races (All declared candidates for these races have been invited to speak to the club):
NY-1, NY-2, NY-7 (Valesquez) NY-8; NY-9 (Clarke) NY-11 (held by Donovan)

NY 1 (Zeldin); NY 2 (Peter King)

Asher’s announcement:

  • You can vote if you are a dues paying member within 45 days
  • We have some paper ballots BUT we will vote by hand (or if you want paper see Marty)


  • Hear from High School organizing from our HS member / organizers
  • Congressional District Endorsements
    1. we made a conscious effort to increase geography and span of our endorsements beyond central Brooklyn (park slope etc)
    2. We are trying to get involved in contentious districts with leaders like Zeldin, King etc


Some club business: Sub-Committees – reports and trying to expand to general members

  • Judicial Committee – David Michaelson
    1. To endorse judges – use a questionnaire etc
  • Constitution Committee – Joy Romanski
    1. Looking at possible amendments, weird procedures that could be streamlined, some additions
    2. Process is that committee proposes and club votes
  • Social Media Committee – Hilary van Santen
    1. Looking to expand and streamline – insta and twitter etc
  • Dinner Committee – Cheryl Krauss
    1. Our biggest fundraiser – very important fun work
  • Audit Committee – first time – Tom Carroll
    1. Review the finances of the club – review membership dues, money to campaigns – figure out how we spend money and to spend better
  • Diversity Committee – Erica Cohen
    1. Broad definition: younger, more women involved on Excomm, more PoC


High School Organizers – Chris Stauffer (brooklynchris3@gmail.com)

  • Senior at Bard HS, leads Youth Progressive Policy Group
    • Working on a bill with Bobby
  • Right now – how do we harness all this energy post-Parkland
  • April 20th – anniversary of Columbine
  • March 14th – 17 minute for 17 victims
  • DC March for our Lives – March 24th – also in NYC march
  • They want us to support them, hear them, let them speak, help them vote


** Joanne Simon announcement: Sign Change.org petition to look at gun violence that Governor Cuomo is proposing – to keep momentum – and it is consistent with Joanne’s Bill



NY-1, NY-2, NY-7 (Valesquez) NY-8; NY-9 (Clarke) NY-11 (held by Donovan)

NY 1 (Zeldin); NY 2 (Peter King)

NY 9 – Yvette Clarke; Adem Bunkeddeko

NY 11 – Rose, DeVito, Sperling, Emig, Vaid, Decillis

District 11 in Staten Island and South Brooklyn / Bay Ridge  (they have a meeting later)

  • Zach Emig (zachemig2018.com)– has a badass picture of him on a motorcycle – progressive Dem
    1. Christian, he’s pretty Christian, Father who went to MIT, successful businessmen, only been in Staten Island for 1 year, Brooklyn before
    2. Getting money into your pocket
      1. Better tax plan
    3. Healthcare into wallet
    4. Money out of politics
    5. Opioid CEOS in handcuffs
      1. There is a major drug problem in Staten Island
      2. McCassen (sp?) Corporation
    6. Trump out of office

Questions: What about new immigrant groups, especially Muslims, in Staten Island?

  • Love your neighbors – he has immigrant adopted kids

Questions: Are you trying to flip Republicans?

  • 2 groups of Republicans – 1 group voted for Trump the businessman, didn’t like Hilary etc – they also believe in
  • He will use his background in business to appeal to Republicans
  • Max Rose – Kevin Elkins speaking on his behalf (www.maxroseforcongress.com)
    1. Combat veteran – wounded by an IED
    2. Worked for Ken Thompson – learned a lot from Ken
    3. Worked in healthcare, Bright Point – to help vulnerable citizens – he fought drug / opiod crisis there and will continue to do so – he is pro reproductive rights – he is fighting for infrastructure – “smart” infrastructure
    4. Refused to take corporate PAC money
    5. We in central Brooklyn can turn a district on our doorstep

Doug Schneider – did Max Rose get money from NRA – NO and it was a smear campaign

Would he ban AR15? YES he would be the first to ban it

Has lived in Bay Ridge and then in Staten Island

  • He has a lot of money, county committee – is he the only viable candidate?
  • Endorsed by Blue Dog Dems – fairly conservative – but he would join the progressive caucus – he will join the right or left of the Dems, he wants to get things done

District 7: Nydia Valesquez (she came last meeting)

  • She is currently in Puerto Rico – where she is helping out – so Asher is reading her statement
  • Discussed how she went to airports to work with Jerry Nadler to fight Muslim Ban
  • How they stopped repealing healthcare – we need to keep doing this!
  • Now she wants to focus on helping Dreamers – sponsoring a bill to help immigrants and has
  • 3rd most senior dem on financial services committee – fighting Dodd Frank – on climate change, on f
  • Gun Control – on guns used in crimes – she is help write a bill
  • She has authored 39 bills and resolutions – 4th most – she is active / wants more ideas
  • She is running unopposed


District 1 – Suffolk County  (Lee Zeldin’s district)

Perry Gershon

  • Malik – representing – Perry Gershon (sp??) – running against David – www.perrygershon.com
  • He supported Perry because of gun violence and mass shootings
  • Lifelong Dem with progressive values – running on anti-gun platform mostly – or this is what Malik is highlighting
  • Other main issues: healthcare, no offshore drilling on LI coast, pro-choice
  • He is a businessman – is he is the Hampton’s house owner only?
    • Malik could not answer this question – of how long he has lived there or if he is a summer home owner mostly
    • Has raised 200k
  • First day of petitioning is March 6th – need to get Perry on the ballot

David Pechefsky – CBID member YAY (but we are being impartial)

  1. Must tackle economic inequality
  2. Much better on foreign policy – not be led by the military industrial complex
  3. NY 1 most of all -need a rep who will stand up for immigrant neighbors
    1. Lee Zeldin just sponsored proposal that people involved in gangs can lose their citizenship – racist outrageous proposal
  4. David has domestic and foreign experience – knows how to get things done
    1. 3 core issues: Affordable housing; clean water infrastructure (local issue); transportation – LIRR but buses etc. – this is a class issue and immigrant issue – lack of quality public transportation
  5. This race: went for Obama twice and 12 years of Dem Bishop – but the district has shifted in last 2 elections – but IF the message is Progressive, get Latino and youth vote – the votes are there, this is a purple district if you are LEFT
    1. This will be a national visible win – a message to Trump
  6. Endorsements: founder of anti-Zeldin activist group

NY 9th District – Crown Heights, Park Slope, Flatbush

Latrice Walker (Assemblywoman) on behalf of Yvette Clarke

  1. We supported Walker before AND Clarke and honored her at last year’s dinner – strong female black leaders
  2. We talk about mass shootings – but what about neighborhood shootings – working to strengthen gun laws, even though we have strong ones already in NYC – we need stronger ones
  3. Clarke listening to women whose children have been deported – she is fighting for DACA
  4. Fighting for early voting
  5. Clarke is in Atlanta (?) at Congressional group for Black Women ??? – she has a good reason to be absent
  6. In June, we need to support her and reach out to disenfranchised communities
  7. She has the Shirley Chisolm seat – and Clarke was recently honored

Adem Bunkeddeko – only opponent ademforcongress.com

  1. He gives deference to Walker and respects both women for their contributions to the community
  2. Child of war refugees in Uganda – his father sat in an INS detention center, worked minimum wage jobs – he is one of 6 in a tiny apartment – all 6 went to college and he went to Harvard Business school
  3. He moved to Flatbush; Bed Stuy Restoration Network; state govt
  4. He argues that Clarke’s voice have been missing for a decade – as a voice for working PoC or families in her distirct
    1. No work on lowering or maintaining rents
    2. College access and student debt
  • Criminal justice – nothing on sentence and bail reform – Clarke has not done anything on this issue
  1. NOT enough to fight Trump but need to fight for a vision, for those on the margins – to do the hard work !
  2. pathway for people who make less than $80k – public housing that can be controlled at the Fed level, which the Fed Gov can reinvest in NYCA for example – her voice was absent on making this a priority in funding the Gov – or about tax code – she did not do enough
  3. Introduce legislation to wipe out student debt
  4. Legalization of marijuana – and wipe out past records

Nate –  he does NOT take corporate PAC money – NO and Nydia does

6 Races – Discussion – candidates or anyone who works for them must leave!


NY8 (Jeffries or none)

NY7 (Valesquez or none)

NY1 (Gershon or Pechefsky – Kate Browning has support locally )

  • Gershon is millionire Hampton’s homeowner who has actually raised 1 mill

NY2 (Peter King – nobody came/ nobody responded

  • Liuba Gretchen-Shirley – New York 2 Progressives, smart mom, progressive mom
  • Gregory used to be a Republican

NY9 (Clarke vs. Bunkeddeko)

  • Dan (and probably Tommy) is supporting Yvette – she has a strong base, is accessible
    • Adem can’t win – he thinks
  • Chris the HS is supporting Yvette as a strong female Congresswoman in Chisolm’s seat
  • IND failed to endorse because they were torn about this race – so there will be a second ballot (clarified by Joanne) – but they will endorse


NY11 (Devito’s guy got stuck in traffic, Emig, Max Rose sent a rep, Desillis sent his regrets )

  • Devito did come to last CBID meeting
  • There is talk that only Max Rose can win probably – and Donovan is a moderate Republican who is being contested!!
  • The Bay Ridge Dems support Rose
  • This is Staten Island – we need to be realistic and Rose is the best candidate


NY1 – David Pechefsky

Ny2 – Liuba Gretchen Shirley

Ny7 – Nydia Velázquez

Ny8 – Hakeem Jeffries

Ny9 – Yvette Clarke

NY11 – Max Rose


** Rich – 2 announcements – Emerge NY

Feb 28th 6pm Red Rooster

Concert in Greenwood Church