May 2020 Meeting Notes


Meeting began with club business:

Rich Bennett opened the meeting with a motion to spend over $7,000 for mailers for the upcoming primaries. The motion was seconded and approved by a vote of 29 to 0, no abstentions.

Then, as she had been unable to speak during the April 2020 general meeting, Assemblywoman Diana Richardson was invited to speak at this meeting. Assemblywoman Richardson has been serving in the 43rd Assembly District since Jesse Hamilton was defeated in 2018. He is now attempting a comeback and Ms. Richardson spoke about his tactics and his prior record as an IDC member, gave her appreciation for the CBID endorsement, and requested volunteers to help with her campaign.

Jason Salmon was the next speaker. He is running for a state senate seat for District 25. He spoke about actions he has been taking to provide food support for residents in NYCHA housing in his district. He also talked about the challenge of campaigning during a pandemic lockdown and hopes for more volunteers to do phone- and text-banking in the coming weeks leading up to the primary.

Rachel Eve Stein, the candidate endorsed by CBID in the upcoming primary election for district leader in Assembly District 52, also spoke about the challenges faced by campaigning during a pandemic. A call was put out for more volunteers for phone and text banking, which remain the only safe way to connect with voters.

The next speaker was Whitney Hu, speaking for South Brooklyn Mutual Aid. This group has been serving over 2,000 families in the South Brooklyn area, with 250 volunteers, providing food and other resources to those in need. She emphasized that the number of families in need will likely grow as time goes on and hopes that the number of volunteers and donors would do the same.

In a similar vein, Judy Wallig spoke about the work of Heights & Hills, an organization serving the senior community in Park Slope and environs for many years. The facility they have run for a long time, the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging, has been turned into a food bank facility with volunteers using it as a source to bring food to home-bound seniors. Other activities have become virtual, including phone and Zoom meetings to provide contact with seniors to allay isolation.

Finally, a Climate Change Committee update was presented by Joanne Boger, Mary Beth Carroll, Marvin Ciproen, and Alice Ott. Among items discussed were the Climate & Community bill, legislation to divest city and state pension funds from fossil fuel providers, and the impact of the pandemic on subway usage when the restrictions on work are lifted. A return to mostly car usage is a big concern.

The meeting was adjourned.