Presidents Message – March

President’s Message – March

At last month’s meeting, a really important point came up in our discussion. We were discussing the importance of holding our electeds accountable, and the point was made that just because we endorse someone, doesn’t mean they get our blind support. In fact, just the opposite. Our endorsement means two main things, to me: 1) stronger accountability and 2) hard work on our part. And these things go hand in hand.

The candidates that we endorse must be held to a higher standard, and it’s both our job to hold them to that and for them to stay open in listening to us. A candidate who seeks our endorsement and then never shows up again is not someone we want to be supporting. And it’s up to us to make our endorsement mean something on the hard work front. Petitioning is fun, but it’s feet on the pavement work. Candidates seek our endorsement, remember that. They come to us because they know that a CBID endorsement means something, and it’s up to us to hold that standard up.

You’ll notice this month there are events and petition days all centered around that. We’ll have a lot of petition days for various candidates, so please take a look and come out on whichever days you can so we can collect those signatures. We’ll have a meet and greet with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, an informal way to ask our Congresswoman the questions we need to ask. We’ll march with our fellow high school allies in the March for Our Lives. We’ll also have some events that are just for fun! Yes, sometimes we can let our hair down, meet up for some good ole fashioned karaoke fun.

The point is – let’s stay active this month and keep what makes CBID so special stronger together. There is a long road ahead of us – the budget being passed, Congressional Primaries, State Primaries, and then General Elections – so stay focused, stayed rested, and always reach out for help or questions. No one person is going to do all of this alone, there’s simply just too much to do. Bring a friend, split up the work, and rely on each other and we’ll keep pushing forward.

Asher Novek

March Meeting

Our next general meeting will be held on March 22, 2018 at 7pm at the Park Slope Methodist Church at 410 6th Avenue. New members are always welcome.


March Meeting Agenda:
Discussion of County Committee.

  • Lieutenant Governor
    • Kathy Hochul
    • Jumaane Williams
  • Assembly District 44
    • Robert “Bobby” Carroll
  • Assembly District 52
    • Jo Anne Simon
  • Senate District 20
    • Jesse Hamilton
    • Zellnor Myrie
  • Senate District 22
    • Ross Barkan
    • Andrew Gounardes
  • District Leaders 52nd Assembly District (Male and Female)
    • Anne Swern
    • Josh Skaller

February 2018 General Meeting Minutes

CBID February 22 2018 – General Meeting Notes


CBID Committee Overview: we will go over our club committees and the work they are doing (Diversity, Judicial, Dinner/Events, Communications/Social Media, Audit, Constitutional)

Endorsements: Congressional Districts : We will hold endorsements for the following Congressional races (All declared candidates for these races have been invited to speak to the club):
NY-1, NY-2, NY-7 (Valesquez) NY-8; NY-9 (Clarke) NY-11 (held by Donovan)

NY 1 (Zeldin); NY 2 (Peter King)

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Dream Act Rally in D.C. this Wed 2/7

*We demand a Clean Dream Act!*

Washington, D.C., Feb. 7, 2018

The Dreamer arrests are getting more and more aggressive and hateful. This Wednesday, a big coalition is planning an action in Washington DC, and they need more people willing to participate in civil disobedience, to say that the targeting of DACA recipients is wrong and won’t be tolerated. I know midweek is tough, February weather is tough — but if we don’t stand up for them, how can we live with ourselves? And who will stand for us?