President’s Message

Benjamin Solotaire, President
Brooklyn Clubs Unite

I met recently with representatives from eight other Brooklyn progressive democratic clubs. They span from Bay Ridge to Williamsburg and Flatbush. Some have been around for decades, some only a few years. Some of us know each other well, some were just meeting, but we all recognize one thing. These are extraordinary times with unprecedented dangers to our personal and civil liberties and that the work we are doing is stronger and more effective by combining resources, skills, and efforts. We met under the banner of the original Brooklyn Reform Coalition, but we recognize now we need to expand beyond that, we need to fight for basic progressive values, we need to fight for basic human dignity and we need to fight for everyone. We will start sharing events and meetings with as well as actions we are all doing so look out for that.

This is not a time to wait and see, we have seen. And what we have seen is regressive and dangerous. We must break out of our silos and put old grudges behind us. By coming together we are making sure we provide you, our members, with more allies, and allies are what we will need to fight this administration and to get more progressive democrats elected into local and state offices. CBID will always fight for progressive candidates and honest and fair government. And I hope today we have taken a step towards expanding that fight and a step towards winning it.

Benjamin Solotaire, President CBID