President’s Message

Thank you too all who turned out for petitioning over the last few weeks. CBID turned in over 2500 signatures and helped all our endorsed candidates get on the ballot.

There’s still a summer of canvasing and getting out the vote for our candidates and any others you want to work for. This is where politics gets real. Door to door, having conversations, talking to people about why your candidate is the best. Street fairs, block parties, barbecues, all good places to share ideas and get people involved. I now you’re not supposed to talk politics at parties, but come on, we are a political club, you’re all interested in politics, so go ahead and put your ideas and candidates out there. I think we can agree that there is no more important time to make sure that the right people get elected.

And speaking of elections, CBID will be having one at the end of the year. All our Officer and Executive Committee positions will be up. And my position, President, is the only one term limited. So think about it, we need good, committed people to help guide the club. Don’t get me wrong, we have good committed people, but new ideas and new experience can always help invigorate the process. Nominations won’t be for a few months and the election is in January, so more details to come.

In Solidarity,

Benjamin Solotaire