CBID’s 2019 Dinner



May 19th, 2019 * The Bell House
149 7th Street (Between 2nd and 3rd Ave.)
Brooklyn NY 11215
5:30pm to 9:30pm

Join the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats and our outstanding list of honorees for an evening of great food, music, awards and progressive Brooklyn politics. Please consider taking out an ad in our journal as well.

State Senator Zellnor Myrie

Kim Medina, Executive Director of District Council 1707 AFSCME (American Federation of
State, County And Municipal Employees)

WHARR (Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights)

Bonnie Schwerin

Chris Stauffer

Drinks and Dinner


About CBID’s 2019 Honorees

State Senator Zellnor Myrie: A Brooklyn native, lawyer, and longtime affordable housing
advocate, Senator Myrie derives inspiration for his public service from his mother who
moved to Brooklyn 40 years ago from Costa Rica on the promise of a mattress in a friend’s
apartment and a job at a factory. Myrie is a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School
and earned his B.A. in Communications and M.A. in Urban Studies from Fordham University. Myrie then went to Cornell Law School, where he served as student body president, an
editor on the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, a constitutional law instructor in
prison, and as a Pro Bono Scholar.

Kim Medina, Executive Director of District Council 1707 AFSCME (American Federation of
State, County And Municipal Employees): Elected in 2017, she has worked expeditiously to
mobilize and invigorate the Council’s membership, leadership and staff for the critical challenges facing the labor movement. Since her election she has increased the Council’s
membership by more than 20 percent.She is the outspoken voice for workers and their
clients whether unionized or not. Her goal is to advocate better wages and conditions for
these invisible and ignored workers. She is working to achieve wage
parity for organized public center- based day care and Head Start employees who have the
same credentials as Department of Education employees.

WHARR (Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights): A group of Brooklyn-based activists
working to promote gender equity, women’s health, and reproductive rights, they take action
for positive change and fight against anti-choice and other regressive policies that harm
women’s health and livelihood.

Bonnie Schwerin: The Founder of Get Organized Brooklyn by Day (“GOBK By Day”), a
breakout group of Get Organized Brooklyn, began as an informal, inclusive, weekly meeting with impactful mail or phone activism projects that could be completed in the room in
the hour. Now, the growing GOBK By Day regularly connects with local, state and federal
leaders about issues ranging from healthcare access to common sense gun control to environmental protection and more.

Chris Stauffer: As a lifelong Brooklynite and a rising sophomore at Georgetown University’s
School of Foreign Service, Chris is a committed progressive activist who served as the
youngest executive committee member for CBID, ran a youth led organization in New York,
and currently advocates for common sense gun reform in D.C..